Bundle Graphics Designing (CorelDraw + Illustrator + Free Tools)

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Benefit of this course :

✓ In this course, the learners will gain a clear understanding of how to work with graphics editors such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, and various Free Tools to master the skills (basic or advance) needed in graphic designing.
✓ The course is designed with the aim to navigate learners through the different aspects of creative graphic designing in the professional world of graphic design and to also increase their knowledge in these areas.
✓ For those who desire to forge a career path as a graphic designer then this course is just the one for you.
✓ Having the Graphic Designing skill set and control over Photoshop will not only equip the bundle Graphics Designing (CorelDraw + Illustrator + Free Tools) course ultimately will help you to learn and design your own artwork, whether for a job or for a hobby.

Course Highlights :

1) Gain insights on the currently used advanced techniques of the graphic industry
2) Become proficient in creating and editing your own graphic design
3) Grasp how to scale, align, & adjust your vector objects with ease
4) Secure your career dream in graphic designing
5) Mastery over graphic design tools.
6) Certificate of completion

Courses included :

1) Graphic Designing with CorelDraw.
2) Graphic Designing with Illustrator
3) Graphic Designing with Free Tools


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