Advanced Excel Part 1

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Students and Working Professionals,

Do you know which is the most important and powerful skill needed in industries today?

It’s having knowledge of Advanced Excel skills which is used by almost 90% of businesses.

Every student and working professionals must consider learning Advanced Excel Skills. If you are a commerce graduate and want to do a career in accounting then you must consider learning Advanced Excel Skills.

IF you want to learn more about these skills click below link
Advanced Excel Details Course

The bonus you will get if you join this program

🎁 PRIVATE Facebook Group – (Value of Rs. 299/-)
🎁 PRIVATE Whatsapp Group – (Value of Rs. 299/-)
🎁 Topic-wise study material – (Value of Rs. 999/-)
🎁 Live review and doubt clearing sessions – (Value of Rs. 1999/-)
🎁 Topicwise additional assignments for practice – (Value of Rs. 999/-)
🎁 Progress review call with each student – (Value of Rs. 599/-)
🎁 Free MS-Word and MS-Powerpoint course – (Value of Rs. 3999/-)

For pursuing knowledge you must consider this online course to get trained in Advanced Excel skill, designed byΒ Hrishi Online BuddhiΒ and taught by experienced faculties. Hrishi is one of the top institutes in the Mumbai north region offering different skill courses online.

Benefits of Joining Online Course:

βœ“ I do have offline training institutes where I have taught more than 5000+ students. This experience will be shared with you as per your convenience in an online course.
βœ“ You will get lifetime access to the course once you sign up.
βœ“ If you have any doubts, you can ask in a special group and you will get live doubt clearing support.
βœ“ This online course is available at an affordable price from an experienced faculty..
βœ“ You will get a free career guidance session to plan your career path in the right way.
βœ“ Many students who want to go for offline training also prefer this course online as it is a very low cost and time constraint, traveling constraints are eliminated.

So it’s your choice.

Take this important step to excel in your career and sign up for the best Advanced Excel course. This offer is valid for just the next few days.

I’ve made these tutorials from my 19+ years of experience of training. I also run an offline institute as well as a Software Development Company.

You can view my detailed profile at this link:Β Prof. Surekha Bhosale

So it’s up to you to decide.

Do you want to learn from an industry expert at a fraction of the price? Why not?

Advanced Excel with Instant Online Access.

It’s only available for a limited time.

Why should one have detailed knowledge of Excel?

βœ… Today’s world is digital and every information is stored digitally.
βœ… The person who has just basic skills can just do a data entry job in Excel and will not be able to generate meaningful reports from the entered data.
βœ… Every now and then the information which is stored digitally needs to be analyzed to make proper decisions.
βœ… Nowadays most of the office tasks related to Accounts, Admin, HR, Sales, Purchase, Stock, etc. are managed by using Excel.
βœ… The person who has advanced excel skills plays a major role in the management of information systems (MIS) by Analyzing, Sorting, Tabulating Raw Data and presenting it to Managers in proper form.
βœ… Most of the business decisions based upon analysis of historical data such as trends in sales, profit, customer complaints over the years. This task can be very well performed if one has excellent advanced excel skills.
βœ… The person who has advanced Excel skills can analyze raw and voluminous data and presents it to the Managers using charts and graphs so that they can quickly make decisions on the most complex problems.

Advantages of learning advanced excel

πŸ‘‰ The person having good advanced excel skills give more productive output in less time.
πŸ‘‰ All most 90% of Job opportunities prefer a person having Advanced Excel Skills who can generate more productive output for the company.
πŸ‘‰ A person with Advanced Excel skills has the ability to organize, calculate and evaluate quantitative data which is the most commonly required skill in business and managerial decision-making.
πŸ‘‰ While learning Advanced Excel Skills you get access to practical aspects of the business which gives you more clarity.
πŸ‘‰ Learning Advanced Excel will train your brain to think logically and deeply, which helps improve Intelligence Quotient and also builds on decision-making capabilities.
πŸ‘‰ One can automate his entire workflow by using advanced concepts of Excel which leads to higher productivity.
πŸ‘‰ It improves visualization ability. You can create a proper tracking system around your workflow.
πŸ‘‰ Advanced Excel Skills leads to Career Advancement as it adds value to your CV and helps you get the desired Job.
πŸ‘‰ You will get increased value as an employee as you have more skills to offer to your company as you will become faster and efficient at your work.


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