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Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program

HrishiOnlineBuddhi offers the highest paying affiliate marketing program to become an “Affiliate,” that’s free for everyone. We give you all the affiliate links you need to promote so that the customers click and purchase courses and you earn commissions fast. Once the affiliate advertises the program from their sites and acquires conversion, they will get referral fees accordingly.

How to Earn with Our Affiliate Program?

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First, Sign up for a free affiliate account here or Login if you already registered for it.


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Promote us by sharing link to social media platform or embedding it on your website.

earn money


Earn Money

Get paid whenever your referrals buy any course from 


Hrishi Online Buddhi Affiliate program is a free affiliate marketing program. Where interested people can apply for free and after getting approval they can start promoting and driving sales to

When affiliates promote affiliate links on their site or other social platform and customers click it and buy courses from Hrishi Online Buddhi, affiliate will get referral commission.

Not a single penny. This Affiliation Program is free for everyone. No upfront cost to get started with Hrishi Online Buddhi.

After your acceptance into the program, you will be able to log-in to your Affiliate account and see your sales and commission results. You can also choose to receive e-mail reports for every sale made.

Yes, you will definitely get referral fees on all purchases made by the user/customer.

HRISHI COMPUTER EDUCATION pays a base 10% of the sale amount from each customer referred using your affiliate link for student affiliate and 15% for an induvial affiliate.

For payout, your minimum commission’s amount should be Rs.500.

When you have reached rupees ₹500 or more than that, only then you are eligible for pending payout. As for your payments, if found qualified, they will be released on the 10th of each next calendar month. Please refer to our Affiliate Terms & Conditions for more details.